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Freedom, Power, Joy & Balance☀️

I’ve often been confronted about Dream Living. Like, I’ve literally had people approach me and ask how do I define my dream life. So I’ll share as I’ve done in The DreamBuilding Diary: "once I realized what my dream life was “not” is the moment I truly began living". The three components one must have while building their dream is passion, purpose and power. These key elements play a critical role in helping you to build a life you love. In addition to those elements to assist with building, there are some fundamental elements that exist while living. Here are my elements:

Freedom: What does it mean to be free? For me, freedom has come at a price of truly using my creativity and gifts and creating magic from them. I am living my best life when I am able to have an idea and turn it into a product/profit (books, events, coaching services) or when I am able to pursue a passion project (Art & Sole, $cholarship Detroit,PoweHerful Woman) or when I have creative control over implementing new ideas into my youth programming (youth council, travel agendas, activities). These are the things that make my life rich and these are my gifts turned into reality. Freedom has been an amazing part of my dream life. I’ll say that I vividly remember the time when I was so crippled by fear and confusion that all of the “great” stuff inside of me just sat dormant. My dreams are free now and I exercise my freedom to live the dream life I’ve strategically built.

Power: While power is one of my key components for dream building, power is also key for dream living. Power is the tenacity and confidence it takes to “do”, “learn” and “grow”. While freedom gives me the space to create, power gives me the boldness I need to execute. It also gives me the confidence to fail, to continually learn and to try again. I love that power is an internal and external strength because you will naturally feel weakened while pursuing your dream. I have had the opportunity to fail at things and to feel totally discouraged. It is my power that connects to something bigger than me and that’s my purpose. I live my Dream life because I have the power to play on my freedom. I have the power to do the things I love. I have the power to go and visit the places I dream about. I have the power to change and impact lives, daily. I have the power to live where I choose. I have the power to make new friends and connect with powerful women. I have the power to bring powerful women together. I have the power to feel really good about myself. I have the power to try new exciting adventures. I have the power to do anything I absolutely please. Power is truly that bold confidence and expertise you possess while living your dream. I am boldy walking in my purpose and I am living a life and continually building a life that offers no limits.That’s my dream and my power.

Joy & Balance: These two concepts go hand in hand because you absolutely have to love “all” that you’ve built once you began dream living. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds or seems. Joy comes from knowing that your life is purposeful and full and rich in experiences and impact. It’s true joy when you can smile at what you’re doing. Balance is when you’re doing so much that you have to level it out and make sure that you’re prioritizing where your joy exists. I can’t spend all my time working on or in my business, I absolutely have to make time for my family, my friends, my job and the other things that are important to me. I’ve been stuck working 24/7 on my dream and that my friend, is not joy. It’s passionate chaos that quickly leads to burnout. Don’t be that person. Have great joy in the life you build but also manage your time wisely. Schedule time to be with yourself as well as others. I wouldn’t be able to live my dream life without my bible studies with friends, girl chats, obsessive book reading, fitness routines and cooking, amongst a million other things. Many people don’t know that I really do love cooking. I’ve just been blessed with a fiance who cooks more than me but I love trying new recipes. I have to balance out time for those joyful things in my life.

As you continue to build or live your dream, make sure you are strategically designing a life of value with freedom, power, joy and balance. These things will empower you greatly. If you are looking to get started with building, I am only a free dream call away or feel free to purchase The DreamBuilding Diary and work at your own pace. These tools are for you. Let’s Build.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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