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I'm Proudly from Beychella, Wankanda 🙅🏾

I'm so thankful for technology taking me on a free trip to the West Coast to witness history. As Queen Beyonce murdered Coachella, she hands down left me with my own commentary. The first that I am proud to announce that I finally understand my origins. Since I am undoubtedly a product of the African Diaspora, it feels good to take pride in knowing that I reign from Beychella, Wakanda....yes I'm riding this wave and I'm serious. Try Me. I wanted to leave you with my Beychillean commentary on Queen Bey's epic stance.

1. Black Pride. As if Wakanda (where I was born) hasn't already made me love the skin I'm in, Beychella and her entire performance super solidified my panther stripes. In my adult life, I seriously can't think of another time that I've loved being as Black as I am. My Black is Beautiful and I couldn't imagine being anything other. This is the impact of art and how it communicates universal emotions while connecting people across divides. I absolutely adore my friend Amanda (she's white) for texting me and saying my white privilege sucks! Amanda hit me up to literally let me know that as she watched Queen Bey she felt so proud for us (blacks). I promise she wasn't being facetious. I replied, "Girl ain't we dope". I love us. Thanks Bey for sparking that pride and allowing us to remember. Her performance stood for so many things on so many levels but tell me who else has stood before a predominantly white audience and did it for the culture...Queen.

2. The Future. Things today are quite different from when I was growing up as a little black girl. I'm most excited that our future leaders (youth) will embark on this incredible women's rights, natural hair, self-care is love, black is beautiful, mental illness is real, pay equality fight, women in power, power movement. Their experience is different and I absolutely love it. It is certainly our job to teach them their rich history but it is their fight to be socially aware with an opportunity to be proud of who they are. I mean can you just imagine your own daughter being able to embrace exactly who she is. My insides flutter. What excites me most about the future is the fact that it won't be ok to be so disconnected from your roots. As our world becomes more racially ambiguous and cultures blend together, I think we'll find comfort in colliding differences oppose to melting or hiding them. I'm here for it and I'm here to see how being taught to be prideful will impact our children.

3. Representation & Conversations: I encourage you to push for black and brown faces to be seen everywhere. This may bring about some uncomfortable conversations but don't forget us Wakandans have to be represented amongst the masses. The next meeting I sit in where I am 1) the youngest (and I'm old) and 2) the only Wakandan, I seriously want to ask about the diversity. Why isn't this board more diverse? Why isn't this committee better represented? I know people that know people and I want to know why they aren't at these tables. If Beyonce in 2018 is the first black woman to headline a music festival as big as Coachella, then like she said, "Aint that a bih".....brooooo that's embarrassing. These conversations have to be had. Lisa Tierney-Keog said it best in her article in the Irish Times: "Black women hold this country together. In communities across America, they are fighting racial injustices, holding down jobs that pay 63 cents on the dollar compared to men, nurturing and protecting black boys from police brutality and enduring degrading discrimination every day of their lives" I second her opinion with Representation and Conversations Matter. We have to be vocal. I challenge you.

How did Queen Bey enlighten your soul for the culture? How are you pushing your own dream forward and who's inspiring you? If you’re looking for guidance or just to chat about your direction I am only a free dream call away or feel free to purchase The DreamBuilding Diary and work at your own pace. These tools are for you. Let’s Build.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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