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It's a Blog Party...2 Year Blogiversary Edition🎀

Celebrating 2 years of success, slaying goals! -KC

OMG!!!! I can't believe it has been 2 years since the launch of my blog. I originally kicked off DreamWorks but soon after went through a bit of rebranding because although Dreams do Work, they always, always Win!!!! My goal is to tell the story of winners so- Because Dreams Win was reborn and chile, we're here to stay! Oh yeah, back story: once you find your WHY in writing, your pen keeps going. I've been blogging forever just never on what mattered (food for thought).

Ok!!! So as I kick off this beautiful month of May, I have to leave you with some Avengers: Infinity War Gems!! First off: #WakandaForever now and always. The moment I saw my birthplace and our great King T'Challa, I was instantly reminded of how dope it is to be US. I also was getting major eye candy from HeroBaes: Mbaku & Thor 😍

Here are 3 things Infinity War dropped for me (without giving away the movie):

1. BLACK is bold. Black is bold,beautiful and dripping in Power. To revisit Wakanda for a brief moment absolutely reminded me of how great my people are. The warriors in Wakanda definitely remind me of the warriors here in our own communities. I know so many amazing black adults, youth and programs that are helping spread good into the world. I'm continually celebrating and of course rooting for them all. Forever!

2. We're better together. What happens when you collaborate instead of compete---MAGIC. We can truly conquer anything before us if we can learn to work together. We have to change our mindsets and remember that we can all eat. Working together promotes community and family and we truly are powerful when we put all of this magic together.

3. Because the person matters. It's so easy to look at people for what they do and how it benefits you but we have to look at people as people. We have to extend the same grace that God extends to our broken selves. Extending grace and caring about people first definitely requires you to empathize with others. Each superhero contributed something different to the fight for humanity but at the end of the day, each superhero had feelings, emotions, lives, concerns and issues. We have to care about that stuff first and foremost.

If you really Love me, don't forget to subscribe to the blog, get on the email list and stay tuned for the best part yet. Bring your red cups and champagne glasses because I'm going to have an internet PARTAYYYYYYY!!!! The celebration is definitely for YOU!!! Thanks so much for reading, sharing and genuinely supporting me. I get the most gratifying feeling when someone mentions that they've read my work. Thanks so much and let's celebrate! Why not! If you’re looking for guidance or just to chat about your direction I am only a free dream call away or feel free to purchase The DreamBuilding Diary and work at your own pace. These tools are for you. Let’s Build.

Don't forget I'm just a dreamer who decided to go for it using a powerful strategy. This is my 4th blog to date and the first time I've reached a 2year milestone. Make sure you tell your friends that their Moment is waiting!!! Happy Blogging to Me!!! Yay!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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