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Guess what's bizakkk!!!!! Yasss! The #PassionChallenge is back in full effect. While we celebrate the last few days of my Blogiversary, it was only right that I bring back an oldie but goodie. The #PassionChallenGE celebrates the passions of phenomenal millennials and how they infuse their current passions into everyday living.

I've been fortunate enough to sit down and get all the tea🍵 from a vast array of creatives. Today is a little different because I actually got to catch up with my very first male guests!!!! What a win!!!! Today's interview is really special because these are my dudes!!! I'm super excited to introduce my creative partners and fam as they complete the #PassionChallenge.

Meet the creatives behind Foir Life (@staylaced_don & @clue313)

ME: Hey Guys!!!!! What is up!!!!!!

FOIR.LIFE: What up doe!!!, What's good!

ME: First, I want to say that ya'll are my very first male feature!!!! Yayyyy!!! We talking growth here.

CLUE: We breaking barriers LOL.

DON: Yeah, thanks for including us in on this DreamBuilding movement.

ME: For sure, so I'm going to jump right in because I'm always inspired you guys and we've worked on some dope projects. Ya'll already know I think we're the Dream Team but let us know what are a few things you guys currently obsess over?

FOIR.LIFE: The first thing is just getting better. It’s always something to do, to learn, to execute, to start and finish. Thinking like that keeps us going. We also obsess over quality. Everything we touch we want to exceed expectations, and simply give people a great experience and or product.

ME: DOPE!! I'm all about personal development and investing in ourselves. I'm also here for the quality of life, that's truly the agenda I'm pushing. Whatever you define as quality is fine, I just want people to experience that part! Speaking of experience, what are some fabulous things you guys are dreaming about doing?

CLUE: For me the dream has already begun. I've always dreamt about people buying and wearing products that I helped design. Our recent “Detroit is” collection recently dropped, which was a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Highs, a pair of Air Max 1’s and a tee. It’s safe to say it was a successful release, and seeing people wearing the sneakers, and styling their tee is a dream come true. I’m just anxious to create more!!!

DON: Many people may not know this but one of ours goals is to open a small shop and that is something I dream of daily. I am really enjoying the journey of growing our brand and seeing our designs come to life but having a shop I feel is the physical manifestation of all of our goals in 1 and I literally dream about it often.

ME: You guys are definitely two of the most creative people I know and I'm so happy you both get to live out something as amazing as designing with Nike. Don, I also can't wait for that brick and mortar manifestation. Ya'll are truly nothing to play with in this city and I know so many people are standing behind the great ideas and concepts y'all have to give back. In this design and develop space you have to give from your own creativity, how do you guys channel your inner creative?

FOIR.LIFE: Channeling our inner creative for us usually means finding inspiration. We we look to draw it from our past, along with our present to create the future. We also try to not overthink things. Over thinking is how ideas die. When you're inspired and in your creative space, the best thing to do is bring it to life. So many people have great ideas but overthinking kills it and they remain just that... ideas.

ME: I completely agree!! Bring it to life and like I always say start with what you have. I know a big thing for me was being such a planner and literally making plans to plan. I got so caught up and forgot that tomorrow or the next minute isn't promised so I needed to stop dreaming and start doing. I did just that. There are many places I go for inspiration to keep going and stay in my space but where's one place you go to get inspired?

CLUE: I like to absorb the vibes from the city. I put my headphones on, go downtown, and take in our art, watch the people, peep what they are wearing, the architecture, and just catch a vibe from my surroundings.

DON: Im always out at different events from art galleries to rap and hip-hop showcases, which is inspiring but I like to hit the Riverwalk or the DIA when I'm truly thinking over ideas. Both spaces are usually really quiet and peaceful, and have beautiful aesthetics. The isolation and open spaces is truly freeing and helps me think being away from things.

ME: I think that shows how even in the most chaotic of times and things, we all pull our creativity from the things around us. It is really what makes life so interesting and beautiful. 8StorySocial is literally about telling infinite (number 8=∞), stories and social encounters. The things we'll never get enough of. Mine just happen to come by the way of building the Dream you wanna live. Speaking of living, if money were no object what is something you'd totally try?

CLUE: I’d spend a week in Tokyo, Japan with my family to soak up the culture. They are heavily inspired by our culture, but they take what we do and (in my opinion) make it even cooler. I’d love to see first-hand how they are inspired and how they create.

DON: Like Clue, I would love to travel and get to know the fashion and streetwear culture in other places. But I think if money was no object I would live in Oregon and go to Pensole Academy for Sneaker Design, the program is a few months and I feel I would learn so much I could bring home to FOiR and have fun in the process.

Me: Travel is a must!!! We have to see the world to truly connect all the dots. I think it's super cool to include your family into that equation Clue! Don, how amazing is it that you guys are running from the opportunities here but instead looking to create more opportunities. We hear so many millennials trying to leave and instead you two are interested in learning and growing so that you come come back and plant some seeds. That's exactly what we love to hear. Chasing some dreams that'll help you build more dreams. This has been so great. What are some things we can expect to see from FOIR.LIFE in the next year?

FOIR.LIFE: For now all we can share is that we are looking to launch a full line of apparel, along with offering creative direction services. Our passion is to design and create, but we also enjoy helping businesses rebrand and maximize the power in their own story and identity.

ME: As always, I'm rooting for ya'll and here for the journey. I'm looking forward to making magic with my favs. Thanks so much for completing the #passionchallenge and sharing with us all the amazing things you have in store. Most importantly, thanks for being committed to your art and to your dream...that's dope. Thanks so much for your time and I'm sure we'll be seeing more soon.

FOIR.LIFE: Thanks so much for having us and be sure to stay tuned.

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

To learn more about the gentlemen of FOIR LIFE, head over to

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