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Tips for Growing Pains🤗

Over time you should be aging (in a good way). The finer things in life get better with time: wine, cheese, steak, etc. You aren't exempt from being better and from growing exponentially. I know that change isn’t always the easiest and often times we don’t even recognize what has happened. We know that we respond differently to certain situations. In the past you may have wanted to give your boss or your friend the ultimate lashing. You were passionate and needed to be heard. You currently don’t have the extra energy to give those who bother you, anything. You’ve grown sis!! You’re ready to carry on with the more important things in life.

Here are few tips to help you embrace the change in your life

1. GRACE: extend yourself the grace to be different or better than before. It’s unfortunate that perception is such an arbitrary thing. If you perceive a person to be a certain way, than YOU are the only person who can change that perception. Some people will remember you for what you did or how you USE to be but don’t fall into their trap. You don’t have to prove them wrong or anything. Extend grace to your new and improved self and carry on. Don’t forget only they can change their perception. Grace is such a gift that has been modeled perfectly in Love through Jesus. Extend it to yourself during this time. It’s ok to not spend your time on other people.

2. REFLECTION: reflect on where you’ve been to understand where you are. Take a look back at the person you were 10 or 5 years ago. Even take a look at the person you were just 1 year ago. A lot has changed. You’ve grown, you like different things, you value different people. As I strive to be the best version of ME, I have to look back at the worst version of me. I’ve come along way. I write down my progress in a journal and when I feel like I should care about stuff I use to care about, I visit my writing and recognize that I’m doing right. REFLECT.

3. RECOGNITION: i love to celebrate myself. I don’t nearly do it as often as I should but if we don’t celebrate all of this hard work, who will? Take some time for self and recognize and celebrate how far you’ve come. Your thoughts are different, your wants are different. You have the autonomy to like whatever you want, whenever you want. I remember wondering what people would think if I started doing X,Y, or Z...who cares!!! If I want to up and become a vegan, I can. Nothing about that is fake or phony. It simply means that I’m growing and riding this wave called life. I’m not vegan (btw) but if I wanted to, I can be. You get the point. Celebrate the smallest of accomplishments. I’m simply happy I didn’t cuss someone out last week. I’ve grown!! Yay me! Celebrate by having that nice glass of wine or that cupcake you wanted. Celebrate by indulging in a bubble bath or doing some gardening. Make it an intentional act. You deserve it.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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