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Why Self-Care Goes Beyond Mani’s & Pedi’s💅🏾

After a few cups of chai tea with one of my closest girlfriends, we discovered how much we DON’T actually indulge in self care. Yeah of course we keep ourselves up. We regularly get our hair done. We do our every 2 weeks worth of fill-in’s and pedicures. We throw a little lash on here and there and even regularly buy new shoes and something to wear. This isn’t the self-care we’re talking about. Of course a relaxing spa day or girl time of getting all glitz and glam is necessary but I’m talking about going even beyond that. Self-care isn’t just about feeding your physical. It isn’t about making sure you look good (although we know you feel good when you look good). It’s about caring for your self, your real self. Self-care goes beyond Mani’s and Pedi’s because it’s about feeding your soul, feeding your creativity and really pouring into your mind. I created a list of things I do to care for myself outside of my beauty rituals and yes massages are included. Don’t worry, you can still get your relaxation on but do it with purpose.

  1. Prayer & Meditation: It’s all about creating an atmosphere of worship and serenity. Being able to clear my mind of the world around me to gain focus and clarity and of course pour out any baggage. We have to empty ourselves in order to be filled. I use my time with God to do so.

  2. Yoga: In addition to prayer and meditation, our physical beings need to be centered and focused. Yoga is great practice to align your thoughts and focus on propelling your body. It’s super soothing and relaxing.

  3. Massages: Yes they can be grouped into our beauty regimens but the difference here is making sure you don’t schedule a 3pm massage, leave and enter back into the chaos. I like to schedule my spa day on a nice relaxing day off. My last one included a fancy sushi date for 1, my massage and curling up to a good book. Give yourself the attention longer than that 60 minute rub down.

  4. Books: I’ve been an avid reader since I was a little girl. I get absolutely lost in a good book. I have discovered my love for Audio Books. Who ever said it wasn’t real reading is crazy. I give my audio books the same attention I would flipping a page. I get lost in the story and the author. The plus is that I get to multitask (makeup session while listening is bomb) and I get to spark my creative juices.

  5. Animation: Yall know I’m a big kid trapped in this 30 something year old body. I absolutely still love animated movies. I take my nephews to the movies often just as an excuse for me to indulge. Animation has always been a huge inspiration to me. It really feeds my creativity.

  6. Writing: As if, right! Writing is pure bliss for me and not just the empowering stuff. I started creatively writing as a young girl and I can often get lost in my own stories. I haven’t done that in so long but I promise every time I put pen to paper, something magical happens. I wanna get back to my fictional stuff. I shall.

  7. Candles, Darkness & Wine: Ok so I’ve recently learned how to relax, just within the past 3 years. Can you believe it! When I say relax I mean I have to make an executive decision to sit my yellow behind down and DO NOTHING. Lately I’ve been retreating to my favorite Bath and Body Works 3 wicks, dim lights and my favorite glass of wine or my absolute fav glass of water out of my wine glass (try it). It gives me time to appreciate myself. We gotta love on ourselves.

  8. Food, duh: Ok I know you’re like how is food about self-care. Well if you appreciate a great meal then you are caring for yourself my sistah. I promise. If you’re health conscious like myself then you know exploring food and attempting to make junk food healthy is always life. Have y'all tried that cauliflower cheese bread?? Ok anyway, making a great meal or even taking yourself out is great for self-care.

  9. Alone Time: Ok so you’re not a loner like me. I’m an introverted, extrovert. Crazy right. I absolutely love people and being social but I can not live without my alone time. It’s imperative that I spend time with ME. I’m pretty awesome.

  10. Tea Time: I know I just said I love me but did you not hear me mention I love people. The tea time I’m talking about can include your favorite chamomile but it definitely includes your favorite Girl Friend and some time just chatting, spilling tea, catching up and being present. Self-care for sure includes taking care of yourself.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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