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Relax, Relate, Release❤️

The 2018 Dream (R) Retreat!

I am elated to have hosted my second Dream (R) Retreat. The Dream (R) (pronounced Dreamer) Retreat is a 3day weekend slay away with other like-minded super warrior women. The R's are all very reflective of the weekends theme. I kicked off 2017 with Renew, Restore, Reset and followed up this year with Relax, Relate, Release (word to A Different World). The R's really set the tone an intentionality for the weekend. 2018 was nothing short of amazing.

A few weekend highlights are of course the time we get to spend in a beautiful DREAM home in quaint and cozy Northern Michigan. The house is really to die for. To be able to snuggle up next to the beautiful fireplace in your PJ's with a glass of wine is a dream in itself. The kitchen just gives off LIFE GOALS and being able to grab a bite to eat and sit at the island is refreshing. The enclosed back porch and front porch swing make for the perfect devotional/prayer spot. The rooms are all intricately decorated and really give a resort feel. In addition to our dream home, we had a private chef come in and cater all of our meals. What a wonder to wake up to food being prepared, served and then the kitchen being cleaned. Real life goals!!!

Not only is the atmosphere a dream but each attendee paired with their Goalfriend to present on a topic of their choice that teaches and empowers the other ladies in attendance. When I tell you the presentations this year got deep. We were crying, laughing, and crying again. Each duo really dug deep and gave their presentations their all. We all have stories and struggles and ways we've overcome them. These ladies brought the heat to our retreat.

If the presentations weren't enough for the experience, how about our day out exploring beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan. We took a sand dune ride excursion through Michigan's beautiful sand dunes where we experienced the breathtaking backdrops and sites that God personally hand carved. It was truly beautiful and tons of fun. We also visited a local winery and had a private wine tasting. Several ladies traveled from afar to participate in our weekend and being able to show them a piece of Pure Michigan was glorious.

Overall the weekend truly provided opportunities for the ladies to relax in our awesome home with great food and drinks. It gave them a time to relate with some structured activities but also to form organic relationships with others in attendance. Put a few goal-oriented women together and see how we get to chatting about life. Last but not least it really focused on the goal of releasing some things from our busy lives. Our release board holds a lot of personal things that these lovely ladies are leaving behind. I'm excited to hold on to it and indulge in follow up later on. Our match lighting ceremony allowed us to truly put the flame out on negativity and fear in our lives. We can always say we're gonna let go of things in our lives but when you hold that fire, it'll eventually burn out. The match had to burn out and we had to let go.

The weekend was nothing short of amazing. My ultimate goal and dream is to provide a platform for women to connect but also for women to be heard. You may never get asked to speak in front of the masses but that doesn't negate the story you have to tell. What you have to share is valued.

The Dream (R) Retreat is on pause for 2019 (I'm getting married) and will resume in 2020. Dining with Dreams is your next opportunity to share your story. If you are interested in sharing your story, please sign up because we'd love to hear from you.

I'll see my Retreaters in 2020.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

The DreamBuilding Company (formerly 8StorySocial)


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