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Self Investments👑

Hello Dreamers,

Have you made a deposit in the Bank of Self recently? How are you currently investing in yourself. I'm going to provide you with 3 quick tips on making sure that you're putting in so that you can see a glorious Return on Investment.

1. Mentally invest in avenues for advancement

I'm always preaching about Professional Development because its such a thing. It's more of a trend right now. With the popularity of podcasts, social media lives, audio books and other self-help platforms, PD is being thrown left to right. I'm an avid investor but I want you to seriously consider next-level advancement. If the "free" information and resources are good, just imagine what paid services could offer. Now I too have been on that side of if it's free and its working, what we paying for?? Listen, in order to live the life God has promised you, you're going to have to do some serious work. I advise you to make financial investments into avenues for advancement. Consider joining a coaching program or mastermind group. Maybe enroll into some college or continuing education courses but if you're serious about the level you want to play on, you're going to have to pay. I promise the return is so much greater.

2.Deposit into your social bank

Work. Work. Work. If you're anything like me than you know how DISCIPLINE plays a major role in making sure you don't solely Work your life away. I literally can get on a computer or engulfed into a task for hours. Because I live for laughter and I mean live, I make sure I deposit into my social bank. Are you visiting or hanging out with friends regularly? Do you have standing dinner dates or happy hours with close friends? Are you traveling or partaking in other events? If the answer is no, you have to change that now. Deposit your time into your social bank. Be sure to make time to PLAY. You want to create a great work-life balance and the only way to do so is to do so. Start small and join a local FB group of your interest or attend a Meetup. I'm always scouting Eventbrite for events or classes to attend. Use your resources and be more social. I promise it'll shift your energy and mindset.

3. The physical transaction is just as important

This final step isn't all about fitness and working out. While that is one of my core values, I do understand that it ain't for everybody. Your physical transaction is simply about your confidence. It's how you rock it, how you wear it and how it manifests opportunities for you. You have a light that deserves to shine and your physical is the holder of that light. Whether it's physical fitness such as investing in a gym membership or walking the stairs instead of taking an elevator, allow your energy to be shifted by your body. If you need to wear a special color of lipstick or get a new hair-do, do whatever you need to do to make you feel like the true boss you are. Making that transaction will set the tone and intentionality of your desires. I gladly lift my water-filled champagne glass just because.

Let's recap:

Invest in Professional Development, pay for next level catapulting

Hang Out, Have Fun, Be Social, fuels your motivation for life

Feel Good, Hold you head High and KILL everything you do


Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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