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Goal Reminders [You Got This]👑

Allow me to reintroduce myself....(just for those who are new) name is Kiy (Kiylise, pronounced Ky-lease) and I'm the Chief Dream Engineer at The DreamBuilding Co.,where we specialize in all things dreams. I have a few dream goal reminders for you because we're in this together. Check it...

I'm not a magician over here magically waving my wand to say boom "you get a dream, you get a dream". Not at all. What I am doing is creating blueprints to help you figure out how to connect your passion, purpose and power to walk boldly in a fulfilling lifestyle. I'm curating events and other tools that will help during your journey.

I sincerely want your story to be one you absolutely love. I spent years feeling empty until I discovered my power. I currently create and I execute. I think of something and I do it. I'm rooting for you to do the same. All it takes is some extra exploration, organization and tools/resources to figure it all out. [#systems] Let me help you with that. Let me tell you my failures and downfalls and connect you with the things that have been successful and ultimately have made me money.

There are lots of things I love about my lifestyle. As I grow and continually build, I look back and realize that I am truly living a dream. I do the things I'm passionate about, I feel as if I'm walking in my purpose and I possess soooooo much inevitable power as a young African-American woman.

Let's ride this wave together. But first,

1. Stop comparing yourself or lifestyle to others: Just recently a friend asked me how was she working uber hard to not be driving X, Y & Z or traveling here or there. I had to graciously remind her that "everythang ain't what it seems". People, even those close to us do a lot of finessing that we don't know about. Trust me the grass ain't always greener. Comparison is a trap.

2. Stop wasting time: Tomorrow is never, ever promised. Stop putting your dreams on the back burner. You're never gonna be fully prepared, or have enough money or wisdom. What happens if you keep pushing it back or putting it off and you never get a chance to do what you wanted.

3. Stop doubting your ability: You don't need fancy degrees to begin movements or simply do the things you love. You need to know that fear is an ugly enemy and that you can certainly conquer it. Listen, if this little yellow girl from the West Side of the D did it, baby nothing is in your way!!!! Also remember it's a process....a continual process.

4. Don't be discouraged. Every single thing has already been done!!!! It's inevitable that you'll be doing something completely different. You just won't but it is also inevitable that there is another YOU. We need YOU to live your dream life (however that looks), we need you to connect your passion and your purpose. We need your story, your style and your imprint on the world. There is certainly enough room for us ALL to win. Don't ever feel like your idea isn't original (it probably isn't) but that's not what it's about. It's truly about the impact you make on others!!!!!!

Let's Build.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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