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Grow, Blossom, Evolve: 3 Ways To Embrace the Change in Your Dreams🌷

I am the Evolution Queen. I've crowned myself, stepped out of my body and stared at a ball of confusion. I've literally looked at my mind and said, what is really going on! Maybe your dream has shifted a bit. Maybe you’re ready to start something new, something fresh. Nothing is wrong with you girly. Trust me, I’ve been there thousands of times wondering, why is my mind shifting? It’s simply called growth & evolution. We grow and that's the best part about life, business, love, entrepreneurship, etc. Check out these 3 Ways to Embrace The Growth You Feel:

1. Write It Down. It feels awkward. Your mind may be all over the place. I've recently landed a visual representation of what my mind looks like (Stormi's 1st bday party)!!! No cap! You may feel if you’re losing focus. Don’t worry, we’re all on a journey here. Evolution is sometimes hard but one great tip that works for me is to simply write it down. You're going through it so it feels different. You feel like you're all over the place. Take a moment and write down the top things you're now passionate about, where you ultimately want to be and detach everything that you currently are from that. Don't worry about who you currently are, what your capacity is or any of that. Write down exactly what you want or what you know you should be doing.

2. Talk About It. Find one person you can share a real, raw conversation with. If you don't have that person, don't forget I'm here for you ( You're going to realize that your evolution doesn't sound that crazy to others. Be sure you stand firm on it and share that with someone. We spend so much time bottling up our thoughts, our emotions and our dreams. To truly live the life of your dreams you have to find people to share them with. You have to talk about what your plans are even if it’s just to drive yourself out of doubt and worry. Talk about it with someone you trust and someone who will be honest with you. Someone who will listen attentively, give constructive criticism and no matter what, still support you. If you don’t have anyone to listen then we need to build your dream team.

3. Pivot with a Plan. Pivoting in your dreams is natural. Think of major brands that have scaled, expanded and pivoted their businesses. We wouldn't love Nike as much if they'd only stuck with selling sneakers. We love gray Nike joggers (right)? You can pivot without fear. The fear that you're entering a new market, a new niche, and that your followers and supporters won't understand. If you're committed to doing your market research and figuring out a concrete strategy that supports your evolution, your fears will be no more. The goal is to create a plan. You're not Beyoncé so you can't just drop a new biz on us and expect it to go gold. We need a planned launch, we need backstory, sales funnels...all of that good stuff. Whatever your dream is and wherever you are with living it....evolution and growth is bound to happen so be prepared to pivot with a plan.


  1. Write it Down

  2. Talk About It

  3. Pivot with a Plan

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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