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Tea & Triumph☕️

I created Tea & Triumph as an opportunity for individuals to share their amazing accomplishments (Triumph) but also to disclose some of their challenges (Tea). My goal is to continue the narrative that often leaves creatives feeling discouraged and alone. Life is real and everythang ain't pretty or easy. We have to normalize the hardships so that we learn from the many lessons of pursuing the triumph.

A huge triumph in my life right now is managing and dealing with my grief. Despite all of the amazing things I do in my dream life, I'm still human. I experience the stages of grief on a daily basis and now as an adult and hope-to-be future mom, I have to adequately keep my grief in a managable state. It's my triumph because I'm most proud of doing this work by my lonesome. My intrinsic motivation to want to be better, feel better and do better has been all the push I've needed. It's such a huge triumph for me because all I can do is continually work on me and it has been a long time coming. I'm a master at pushing through my pain and in the past two years, I've decided to take it all on. I'm trying y'all.

Ok let me spill this tea real quick. Tea is simply stating my truth and disclosing the not so pretty side of "business". As my business The DreamBuilding Company continues to grow and evolve, I have been going through some pivot pains. Pivot pains just come with the change in business. I have literally talked myself out of something that I know I should do. I have let fear and doubt creep in and discourage me. I created this amazing plan and as soon as I began to put the wheels on the ground, I immediately heard all of the reasons why this thing wouldn't work. So how did I overcome it? I literally kept getting confirmation about the project. I mean confirmation was coming in all kinds of forms. From memes to emails to even license plate signs. To get through this I simply decided to have an honest convo with my coach about my doubt. My solution was to talk about the hard moment. I'm human, it happens and I have no desire to act like my entrepreneurial endeavor is all glitter and gold. We have to hold each other accountable and not allow the enemy to creep in.

Extra Extra (Current Favs): My current fav show is The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), current fav book: I’m currently reading Devon Franklin's "The Truth About Men", my current fav drink would be La Croix Sparkling Water (peach pear baby) and my current fav beauty product is Stila Stay All Day waterproof brow pen. I'm truly enjoying my Top It Off Weight Training workout class and I've been throughly enjoying my monthly facials with my fav esthetician Shannyn.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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