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Spark The Little Things❤️

Remember why you fell in love with your life? Maybe it was your great job or the rewarding work you do, maybe it was your new house or car, maybe it's your bomb ass friends who make every moment fun and worth living. It could have been your kids, your significant other, your style, your personality or just simply you loving the new you. Do you remember those little things that just bring so much joy to you? The little things that make you smile and help you to see an amazing future in what is often seen as a dark world.

The little things are sparks that remind us we're going to be OK. This past weekend, I shared an amazing day with amazing girlfriends. Celebrating educational achievements, entrepreneurial achievements and so much more. I had a great night out with great dinner, great cocktails and great girl talk. The icing on the cake was being able to climb into my extremely comfortable King sized bed to rest peacefully.

The next morning I woke up to a beautiful breakfast in bed. A side of turkey bacon, hash browns, fruit and alkaline water. I literally almost cried. I was so exhausted and the sun peeping through my window gently woke me up before my handsome fiance comes in with a plate of breakfast. Now this isn't uncommon in my life. He always does this but this time was different. Maybe it was the peace I shared the night before and the gratitude I was experiencing at that moment. Maybe it was just because I love him. Maybe it was because I was starving. Something about that small act of kindness, shook me. I appreciated it on a different level. It made me feel really blessed.

I remember that same feeling when I first began 8StorySocial (now The DreamBuilding Co). The feeling that could keep me up past midnight working on my computer. The feeling that made my ideas come alive and birthed retreats, brunches and books. That spark that allowed me to invest so much into growing and learning more. As I enjoyed my breakfast, I realized that the sparks still matter. The unexpected moments that bring you joy matter.

As I take this year to really focus on things in my personal life (family), I am reminded that the things that bring me joy are still very much joyous. The sparks just need ignition, sometimes.

What are your sparks?

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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