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YouCanSitWithUs:5 Powers of Sisterhood🎀

Question: Why aren’t we taught how to play nice, empower, compliment, support, lift, touch and love other little girls? -KC

You know that quote/meme that was circulating social media that said being a girlboss/woman was like belonging to an exclusive club with a tribe of other women behind you..something like that, y'all know what I’m talking about. Well help me understand why it takes so long for the majority of us to realize the real privileges of womanhood and sisterhood. I present You Can Sit With Us: The 5 Powers of Sisterhood:

1. Healing. We (women) heal unspoken wounds for one another through the incredible “gift of gab”. Girl talk, much needed venting sessions, and dinner dates are healing mechanisms for our souls. It makes us feel so not alone in our mess. We naturally heal each other.

2. Beauty. We look good, collaboratively. And when you look good, you feel good! Y'all be slaying and while I dress for my own empowerment I can’t help but be inspired by the slayage of my counterparts. We keep each other on our toes, we create new trends and express ourselves unapologetically. I love the power of our beauty, inner and outward.

3. Boys. They can be dumb and we have to process that together.

4. Success. Women are superhumans with emotions. I like to think of us with a cape and a cute shade of lipstick. We get degrees, run businesses, handle finances, have babies, carry the weight of entire generations and do it all effortlessly. We don't know how to do anything other than persevere. When others have complaints about what seems small, we can't even fix our lips with empathy because we walk in much larger shoes, everyday. We have strength entangled in our DNA. It's a byproduct of God's desire for us. We can move mountains with tears rolling down our face and still get it done. Did I mention we can do all of this (often times) alone, with the help of no one. That’s superhuman, successful strength

5. Support. You can sit with us!!! Yess, no mean girls here. That really cool club I spoke about really exists. We are so inspiring and supportive of one another when not strategically put against each other. We are the squad, we are the tribe. We made the squad and the tribe and yes sis you can sit with us. One of the most critical powers of sisterhood is knowing that squad is real. I mean hey where can you get brutal honesty about your poor decisions and then in the same breath talk about the cutest pair of shoes waiting to bless your closet? We’re everything ladies so take a seat and let’s do this dream life together.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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