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Hello Dreamers,

I have been completely obsessed with think-tanking, brainstorming and just indulging in magical creation sessions that open my 3rd eye. I use my canvas (the world) as inspiration to inform the beautiful visions and ideas I have stirring and I begin organizing my thoughts using my DreamBuilding Diary. Once I'm in my zone, I have to organize all of the cool and funky thoughts that come to mind.

My two recent travel adventures opened my eyes and I just want to share those connections in my life.

Dallas, Texas

I got to spend a lovely weekend in Dallas surprising one of my college besties for a fun pre- Galentine's Day adventure. As we made our way around town, trying brunch spots (Stir Dallas), alcohol-infused popsicles (Picole Pops), sipping childhood favs on bar swings (The PlayGround Bar) and grabbing daiquiri jugs to-go (The Daiquiri Shoppe), I took plenty of mental notes. Dallas in my opinion is just massive. There's tons of land and openness and plenty of highways. There's something about the southwestern heat and beauty of the landscape that gives it that authentic Texan feel (I enjoyed seeing the farms during our drive). Although it wasn't as hot as I'd like, the locals were immersed in being outdoors. Restaurant patios were filled, outdoor shopping was plentiful and the hustle and bustle was evident that winter blues were no longer. Kicking it with old college friends absolutely gave me the energy I needed. I kept the same energy I possessed during undergrad with sleepless nights filled with laughter. These moments couldn't have come at a better time for me. I returned back home feeling charged and that charge definitely was fueled by my dope friends but also by exploring just a tiny piece of a massive place in a 3-day weekend.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I returned from Dallas and was quickly packing my bags to spend actual Valentine's Day in Sin City. Yes, back-to-back travel shawty (that's me)! Returning to Vegas is always nostalgic for me. I had a freaking amazing internship there at the tender age of 21. My bestie (DoMo) and I ran those Vegas streets after working 7am-7pm shifts on the conference scene so returning is always a joy. After hubs and I touched down and did all things Vegas style (eat, drink, and gamble), we did a bit more venturing off to visit my family who reside there. My granny, aunt, uncle, the kids and their dog gave me life and just what I needed. We had a great time hanging with cousins and partying at Drais Nightclub until the wee hours of the morning (who do we think we are?). What inspired me most in Vegas this time was simply witnessing the hunger for entertainment. We saw a really amazing Cirque Du Soleil show (Zumanity) with very skilled talent. I couldn't help but think of how often they're using their gifts and the drive they must have for their artistry. Residential shows run twice a day, almost every single day which is insane but also super inspiring. It got me thinking about how much I'm pouring into my skills. I was also inspired by the hotel we stayed in (The Linq) and its modern but very classic 60's feel with wood paneling and neon lighting. The adjacent promenade filled with restaurants, attractions, shops and so much more were also a gem. Vegas is indeed strategic in design and full of intention. As I continue to create, I have to remember how much intention truly plays a part of my dream. I have to keep that same energy with everything I do.

Overall, my mini adventures have filled me and left me feeling super Cre8tive! I'm ready to use the world around me from the backdrops and scenery to the intentionality behind placement and artistry. This is exactly why travel is a core value for me! 3rd eye just wide open like heyyyy!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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