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The Grand Re-Re-Reopening is Here!💫

Hello Dreamers!

It's been 1-year since I've posted or sent out my monthly dream letter. That's 365 days (actually 373) of "a lot has changed" in my world. I'm so excited to be graced with another year of life as I celebrate this 21st day of September. We have so much to cover so I hope you'll hang out here with me for a little while longer because this is the Grand Re-Re-Reopening of The DreamBuilding Co.! Welcome! (🚨long post alert🚨)

If you're new here or just true here, allow me to reintroduce myself- I'm Kiylise (ky-lease), Founder and Chief Dreamer of The DreamBuilding Co. which now stands for...drumroll 🥁 please...The DreamBuilding Consultancy. Yesss! I'm a whole, full-time, entrepreneur! It's been 1-year and 2.5 months of riding this wave and serving as a full-time consultant working with some really incredible orgs doing really incredible work. I still can't believe what God has made possible! Total elevation!

As I was stepping into so much newness within my life I have to share how alignment has changed the game for me. Steve Jobs once said, "You can't connect the dots moving forward but you can always connect them looking backward". So many dots guys. The ability to feel the fear and do it anyway prepared me to leave my previous organization in June 2021 (where I was a salaried employee). This was the greatest stepping stone I've ever endured and it really opened the door for some amazing alignment.

Listen, when I say alignment that's exactly what I mean. My life arranging in an order that best serves me and those around me. I do want to be transparent in saying that my faith walk has surpassed any other moment within my life. I literally have no clue what's next but I trust that God does and that's all I'm responsible for doing.

Don't get it twisted, I have experienced some bumpy moments along my journey. I've trusted people, I've befriended people, I've given more of me than required, I've been let down, I've been disappointed, I've been discouraged, I've been talked about behind my back, and ultimately I've felt my heart break from all of this. First off, I'm so super not attracted to confrontation while I'm busy living a real life filled with real dreams, real love & marriage, and hella creativity to do what I want. The things people pay people to experience. I'm human so I hurt like other humans do but I'm also a "G", and I'm super proud of my growth to release spaces I allow people to occupy in my life. I quickly learned that I have to trust myself first (always) and what I know to be true about the person I am and the magic I bring to the table. Indecisiveness is a trait I'm working on. Ultimately, Rejection is God's Protection and I'm going to forever root for him to PROTECT me. Ok back to DBC.

The DreamBuilding Consultancy focuses on 3 tiers of work which include Design, Delivery, and Destination. I absolutely enjoy designing programs, workshops, trainings, and any dream idea or goal that someone has. I love building the dream. I also absolutely enjoy delivering those programs, building community with others, and holding intentional space for accelerators, incubators, fellowships, and affinity groups. I just love bringing humans together to be human. Once I am done doing all of that I truly value using destinations and travel as the vehicle to celebrate the process and progress of the teams' outcomes, or more importantly for rest, respite, and retreat. It's amazing that I get to work with some phenomenal nonprofit and community-based organizations to do these things. It's always been aligned as I look back and connect all of the dots. I was made for this, ok.

If you personally know me then you know travel and retreats have always been my dream. I live for the moment to connect people to achieve a goal. God saw fit that I'd be able to experience that in an unimaginable way this year. HE said you have everything you need, let's just roll it out. In 2021 I trained under a Guru Travel Expert to launch my very own travel business to ensure that I can solely help organizations and teams plan magical getaways. Dream Retreat Travel was legally born but the alignment prior to that is absolutely insane. I remember the very moment I sat at my desk in 2012 working with a consultant to plan a college tour for my students. I vividly remember thinking this is so effortless for me and this consultant is doing the work I should be doing. I also remember coordinating my very first retreat in college. The seniors of my scholarship program were responsible for planning the incoming freshmen classes' retreat and there I was a senior digging in to make magic happen for others. I don't know if y'all can see these dots or not, but I do. Here it is 2022 and I have the consultants role while I'm effortlessly able to do this work and make magic happen.

It doesn't stop there because I was also offered an amazing opportunity to host trips and

build community with an intimate group of Black women from across the globe. This journey began in January of this year and has taken me to places I've never imagined I'd see. This year alone I've been paid (all-expenses + pay & this is not me bragging y'all) to visit Iceland and receive spa treatments at the Blue Lagoon as well as amazing adventures to learn about Geysers and Icelandic horses. I also set sail on the Rio Negro in the Amazon Rainforest (in gorgeous Brazil) and got to experience the most amazing ecosystem filled with beautiful, lush, vibrancy. I then spent 2weeks island hopping in Greece and being blown away by the beauty of the Greek Isles while also enjoying the most delectable foods (you see me). I truly can't make this up and I still can't believe it. I've explored this Earth as work for myself and that's in addition to the personal travel I already prioritize in my life. I'm currently traveling guys and I'm also excited for a huge trip in November. Such a dream.

Listen, I began coordinating my own Dream Retreats in Saugatuck, Michigan in 2017. I had a dream to get Black women out of their comfort zone to experience transformation and I did just that. Fast forward to 2021 where I spent the year being contracted to help plan retreats for another business and now 2022 I've been flewed out (flown) across the globe to the do the same thing. All of this with beautiful, Black women. I'm in awe! Now that I have so much experience under my belt, I can not wait to have you all travel with me. I can't wait for you to experience what I design and deliver. We're going places and we're doing big things. I'm your girl! Be my guest.

In addition to travel and because I love hosting people, I launched my very first AirBNB with my fabulous business partner this year. Thus far, we've had an incredible ride with some incredible people. We're so thankful to provide such a hospitable place in the heart of the city that raised us. We're SUPERHOSTS and we have amazing reviews because we truly go an extra mile to take care of people. When I talk about alignment I mean alignment.

This time last year I was in the middle of the Cali desert taking in the sunsets and reflecting on all that 34 taught me. This year I have set sail heading to an island to celebrate God's goodness in my life for the past 36 years. It's all aligned.

Let's Connect

I have so many opportunities to connect with you. If you're interested in learning more about what The DreamBuilding Consultancy is cooking, head over to my updated site. She's really pretty (pats self on back). I dream of adding a team member at some point. I really want us to change the game and sprinkle our magic to whoever needs it. You know I'm planning an end of year "dream thing" and I'd love to connect with you. Shoot me a message if you want in on it.

To learn more about my travel opportunities or to plan your own small group getaway, head over to Dream Retreat Travel.

For a staycation or fun night out on the town, head to my Airbnb and be our guest!

And last but certainly not least, to set your intentions so that alignment can freely flow into your life, head to Invitation Only Candle Co. to grab my rebranded intention candles. They've been lifesavers for me. I have something really special coming out later this year and it's all about loss and hope. I'm still a real life person on this dream cloud. We'll get into that later. Go check out my collections.

DreamBuilding is still my first love because I'm still rooting for everyone to experience doing something they love. Don't be shy, shoot me an email, DM, or text. I'm here.

Thanks for attending my Grand Re-Re-Reopening party! I appreciate you!

Dreams & light,


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