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Oh when it all falls down...

Happy New Year! Happy Black History Month! Happy Love Month! I don't know about you but I struggled and auto-piloted my way through the entire month of January. I was super excited on 12/31 for this fresh start of a new year and boom "insert Syleena Johnson's ad-libs from All Falls Down by Kanye West".

My mental capacity was tried! I hadn't gotten ANY sleep. I was a literal zombie sleeping for 2-3 hours and then up for the other 21. Crazy!, right? My mind would not shut off.

I prayed and spent intentional time thinking about how to get over that hump. I thought I had it figured out until insomnia continually crept in and I was just up looking dumb.

The thing is, I have so many amazing things happening and I am so excited for all that's to come for my business and my life in general but that's the point. Both things can and in fact will coexist.

I'm winning and also having a complete meltdown fueled with anxiety and overthinking.

This is just my transparent truth because all that glitters ain't gold. What I charge you to do with this information is to know that if you ever experience a drought of anxiety and overthinking in the midst of a gracious life, you are not alone. It happens and I wish someone would have been more transparent with me so that I could have nipped it all in the bud earlier. I did get the hang of it though and I really just had to have a real life talk with myself. Things have to change girlfriend so what are you gonna do!

3 Tips to help you overcome anxiety and reclaim your rest include:

  1. Be vocal and transparent about having a tough time (even if nothing yields from it). I shared how incredibly difficult my month was going and not only did the release help but also I had vested friends showing up, sending me DoorDash credits, and just relating and offering me grace. This helped so much because I was literally crying for help or at least to feel heard and seen. Received!

  2. Do a wellness check with your body. I realized that I hadn't been keeping up with my vitamin regimen and needed to indeed add back some essential vitamins and adaptogens to my routine. I ran straight to Whole Foods to grab magnesium for a better nights sleep and some new adaptogens to help me feel energized. I also ditched my newfound obsession with iced lattes (because who needs caffeine?) and reached for Rhodiola and other vitality supplements. I've felt so much better.

  3. Keep an attitude of gratitude. I literally forgot about the faith that got me to this very point. Instead of stressing over things I have no control over, I decided to remember what I was indeed grateful for. Something that helped me was taking a stroll down memory lane and looking back at so many pics of great memories. Whew! I am so blessed to live this life. This helped me to reclaim it all back. Remembering that joy always comes in the morning and that I've overcome some of the most insurmountable challenges already.

I hope whatever storm you're going through becomes sunny and bright really soon. My new year has started over this February and I'm just here for the ride. Taking it all one day at a time and relaxing and resting in the fact that life is grand and rest is well deserved.

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