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Happy New Year Dreamers!✨

Happy New Year Dreamers! Just shy of 20 days into 2020 and this incredible ride has already presented us with so much. The DreamBuilding Co is so excited to get to work. Our mantra for this year is to "Celebrate". Join us for cake and champagne all year long! Hard work deserves hard play!

As we take on this brand spanking new year, we are taking and making major moves and we want you along for the ride. Our top 3 projects we're fired up about include:

1. The DreamBuilding Diary II is dropping this winter! More self-discovery, more action, and lots of dreambuilding. You don't want to miss the drop on this party!

2. Dream Sessions are bizzzack! You asked for them and we're here to give. Schedule your dream session to walk through your DreamBuilding Diary, Chat with me about your Launch Plan, Pitch and idea for collaboration or whatever you choose. Bring yourself and I'll be there.

3. My favorite, favorite thing ever- The Dream (R) Retreat Local Experience is gearing up for 2020. Sign up for an epic girls night packed with workshops and activities to delight your soul.

We have so much more on the table and can't wait to celebrate all of these wins with you!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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