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Intentions by Manifestation = Healing💆🏽‍♀️

Hey Dreamers,

This year I’ve indulged myself in many self-care activities. I’ve done all of the things to keep my head afloat. Things like soul-delighting activities such as virtual cooking classes, virtual girl's night in, virtual ASL classes, writing, yoga, working out, and more. The practice that stuck and now has changed me in a way I never expected was intention-setting. I literally wake up each morning and as part of my morning routine, I set an intention to invite something specific into my life.

Monday's typically look like this...

Today I invite energy and joy and I intend to live knowing that today is a gift.

Sunday’s often look like this...

Today I invite rest and respite as I try to unwind and focus on renewal for the week.

When I say I’ve manifested many of these things, trust me I have. The world can be falling apart (we’ve all literally been a witness to this) and my intention has guided me toward feeling energetic, joyful, happy, calm, serene, rested, and more.

This has been crucial for my mental health because I haven’t been good on most days. My anxiety has crept in and caused me to lose sleep and even cry many nights. The manifestation of my intentions has reprogrammed my mind to allow the words I speak to be.

I’m so thankful for this practice as it has really catapulted my healing journey. As I officially launch Invitation Only Candle Co., I have included intention stationery with every collection in hopes of inspiring others to set, light, and manifest their own desires

This Holiday season I invite the intention of abundance as I launch a new dream. I’d love to know what intention your heart is set on. Feel free to shoot me a message.

We have less than 40 days to plan and prepare our minds for a new year. What will you do?

Don't forget! "It's not on you, it's in you and what's in you, they can not take away"..word to Nip (always & all year)

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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