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Joy Sparking Reminders 🎉

Do you remember why you fell in love with your life? Maybe it was your great job or the rewarding work you do, maybe it was your home or car that you value, maybe it's your bomb ass friends who make every moment fun and worth living. It could have been your kids, your significant other, your style, your personality, or just simply you loving the new you. Maybe it's wrapped in the things you love to do such as working out, cooking, traveling, binge-watching tv, taking bubble baths, shopping, writing, sewing, or napping. The things that are deep-rooted in you feeling whole and joyful. Do you remember the things that bring you joy? Do you remember the moments or actions that make you love the life you're living?

The little things are sparks that remind us we're going to be ok. This past weekend I spent time holding my newest project in my hands. I marveled at its design which I so thoughtfully curated and created with intention and love. I marveled at my evolution and growth. I smiled. I whispered "wow" to myself. Joy filled every inch of my being as I held a dream which once was an itsy-bitsy thought in my mind, now in my hands.

I remember that same feeling when I first began The DreamBuilding Co. The feeling that could keep me up past midnight working on my computer. The feeling that made my ideas come alive and birthed retreats, brunches, resources, and books. That spark allowed me to invest so much into growing and learning more. As I tangibly held my dream the other day, I realized that the sparks still matter. The unexpected moments that bring you joy matter.

From dreambuilding to dream living, I want you to tangibly experience your dream and ignite your sparks. What do you need to do to do so?

I challenge you to create a list of your joy sparking moments and then work on a plan to live them this year.

Don't forget! "It's not on you, it's in you and what's in you, they can not take away"..word to Nip (always & all year)

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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