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Loving Your Life Through The Chaos😱

Life Happens. I could literally end this post now. Life happens to us all and it's the times when you feel like you’re completely drowning that you begin questioning, abandoning and doubting everything. As I am currently in the midst of a chaotic situation that has one part of me ready to shut down and slip away, I have another part of me- Still Hustlin. I present to you 3 Tips to help you through the chaos.

1.Stay Committed to the Mission. -When you reach the point of living your Dream Life, you are truly connected to your purpose and passion. Who would I be to allow a setback to mess up my comeup? I’m committed to the mission. I’m committed to why I began in the first place. I know my purpose and I’m walking in truth so the strength I need is already given (Romans 8:26). Take the strength that’s given and possess it. The moment you claim your weakness, you become weak. Don’t be weak.

2. Be Angry.- If you’re anything like me then you often displace emotions. You may take anger and compartmentalize it and just go harder in other areas of your life. Or you may chalk an L up to the sky and keep it moving. The “not dealing with it” plan is a huge disservice to yourself. Something that has helped me has been to allow myself time to be pissed or upset or hurt- whatever the emotion is. We have to start dealing with our emotions and stop being SuperHuman and bypassing them. I have truly been dealing with everything I currently feel and it has certainly worked. I feel freed of pain because I’m dealing with all this “stuff” and by dealing I mean looking it in its face and understanding what it all means.

3. Get it out.- Ok so you’ve given yourself time to rationalize and be mad with your emotion but you haven’t spent any time getting it out of your personal synergy. The cloudiness you keep inside truly taints the sunshine dying to burst out. Something that has been really helpful has been being vocal. Let people know what’s going on. Accepting their prayers and hearing kind words, help. If you’re anything like me then you already know this isn’t an easy task. Especially if you’re a strong minded Virgo! We tend to make magic happen anyway. Well when life hits you, share it. That’s what we all have been blessed with PEOPLE for. Take some time to simply talk about it and be open to receive what others pour. Share.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

Q&A: How do you deal with chaos in your life? What has worked?

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