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Your Story Matters💕

Did you know that "storytelling" is said to have derived right after the advent of language? Dating back 30,000 years ago, stories were and still are an integral part of communication amongst people. We all know that it's a guiding force, principal, and opportunity for like-minded women to engage and build community. It's what connects us in an unimaginable way.

As you continue to navigate your world, shift and shake narratives, and paint new canvases of your own lived experiences (stories), keep in mind how important and critical it is that you share those stories with others.

If the stories depicted as cave drawings all those years ago didn't exist we would have no recollection of those lived experiences. What recollections are you sharing? What spaces and places are keeping you inspired to share?

I had the pleasure of joining a call with the phenomenal life coach Noa Shaw and let me just tell you how inspired I left. Not only inspired but definitely with a few tears in my eyes. Noa's a complete open book and his recollection, recount, and testimony are absolutely amazing. Not only did I learn sooooo much about his incredible journey but I also felt something tingly on the inside. Empathy much! I needed every bit of that grounding moment as I often indulge in goal fatigue. I also loved that Noa publically shared how one of his biggest inspirations is a kick-ass, creative woman, who embodies the definition of hustle. While he's inspired by her daily hustle, he's completely happy with "not being there" at the moment. This deeply resonated with me as he continued to share that he's been there before and it's ok that he's currently not there. I definitely felt this on so many levels. I've been there. I've hustled until I was blue and honestly, I'm not there now, and that's ok. Word to Noa! There were so many gems and so much goodness in that talk, I'm just elated.

As I plan our Winter "Dining with Dreams" Event, I am so inspired to ensure like-minded women are doing the following:

  1. Building Community, Belonging, & Safety (breakthrough happens in safety)

  2. Learning Strategies that Prevent Mistakes & Challenges (teach me the game sis)

  3. Empowering, Encouraging & receiving a necessary Asskick Needed (fill up my cup)

In what ways are you documenting or sharing your evolving story? If the answer is I've been curious and interested in doing so then guess what Dreamer!-- I extend my invitation to you! Dining with Dreams was literally created with you in mind and if you're ready to share I'd love to have you. Feel free to sign-up HERE! I can't wait to see how your "story" transforms.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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