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Power Stance✊🏽

Hello Dreamers,

Power can be a beautiful thing. In the release of my first publication, "The DreamBuilding Diary", I talked about the "formula". It's what pushed me to leap & build the life I continually saw when I closed my eyes. During this absolutely crazy year, I've been reminded of just how true that formula is: Passion + Purpose = Power

  1. Passion: What are you passionate about? I've personally found that voice I exercised in undergrad amongst my predominantly white peers resurging. This time around it is paired with an amazing amount of growth, maturity, compassion, and actual skills. I think about the fiery 18-year old that sat in a diverse room with my peers explaining why "WE" use hot combs (in the dorms) to press our hair, allow our friends to do our acrylics in the lounge, shower every single day, didn't cut or grow our hair but just added a weave or braids this week, cook our food with so much seasoning, get away with not washing our hair every day and a plethora of other "real-life-I've never-been-around-Black-people-before" discussions. Whew chile! This took me back. It got real that year (especially when a peer of mine beat a girl with a flat iron). Now I don't condone violence but our white peers really had loose lips. Anywho, as we're in this continuous fight for justice (in damn 2020..smh), I've had a few seats at a few tables that have sparked that passion for me again. I am indeed fatigued with it all but I'm just so grateful to connect all the dots of my life back to this very moment. I'm equipped with a helluva lot more skills to deal with fragility and to have educated conversations that exercise emotion management. I'm actually still answering some of those questions that were asked when I was 18 years old. It's ok because I have a passion for this. It is the very thing that breaks my heart. Bring on the courageous conversations.

  2. Purpose: As I connect how passionate I feel about all of this, I find myself marveling in my purpose. God wrote this story way before I could imagine and I am staring at the outline thinking of how it all makes perfect sense. I've been placed in so many situations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Hell, I minored in Ethnic Studies because I was fighting the good fight then and wanted to be better prepared. I've recently found myself in a space of gratitude at work because I absolutely know that none of this is by chance. I am not at this seat of a different table with the same agenda by accident. It's my purpose and it is highly connected to my passion for this work. I'm Black. I'm a Woman. I'm from the hood. etc., etc., etc., Guess what! This Black Woman has a voice and some experience behind it that challenges systems. I am planted.

  3. Power: I said power can be a beautiful thing. I'm talking about that intrinsic power and not the power we know to be abused. I mean hello this mess of a country is not the type of power I'm referring to. When I think of living the life I see when I close my eyes, I see my passions, purpose, and the strength of my power. I not only get to exercise that voice I've been given but I also get to impact others. I get an opportunity to create. I am planted in my power. The power that allowed me to launch The DreamBuilding Co. and so many other things is the same power that allows me to be in spaces that need my voice and my ability to safely connect dots and thoughts. It's not an easy task at all. I'm human, I hurt, my heart breaks but it is so gratifying to hold strength in an area you believe should wipe you out. The gears are turning.

The formula is still holding up true and it has been a major key to my life. I am using my power for good and challenging you to start doing your own equations. 2020 has proven that it may be time to reassess it all. I'm still heavily quoting the great Nip Hussle because this is my mantra this year yall so let's Build!

"The game is gonna test you, never fold. Stay ten toes down. It's not on you, it's in you and what's in you, they cannot take away." - Nipsey Hussle

If you'd still love to talk all things dreams, I'm offering free Black Lives Matter Dream Collab chats this month as well. Sign up today!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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