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BlackGirlMagic #TribeGoals🙅🏾

Yessss Sis!!!!! I’m still on this Black Panther High!!!!! As amazing and magical as the movie, I walked away with my Crown all sparkly, pretty, high and proud. First things first: I just love my people ✊🏾. I love everything that this movie represented and everything that it stands for in our history and future. So if you haven’t seen it, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice! Go!!!!! In the past I’ve talked about Squad Goals because we all know that one of the keys to living your dream life is making sure your team is right. There are just certain qualities you need around you and for you at all times. Let’s take a look at how Black Girl Magic of The Black Panther fits into your #TribeGoals. If you’re lacking any of these people, it’s not too late! The “no new friends” thing is dead and gone. We are inviting the opportunity to connect with like-minded women so that we become stronger as a whole. That’s what life is all about anyway!

The amazing melanated women of The Black Panther movie all possessed different qualities that ultimately worked together in the beautiful nation of Wakanda. How is your tribe currently working for you?

Nakia- played by Lupita Nyong’o: compassionate, strong-willed, will always fight for those she loves: Nakia is what I like to call the peace amongst your tribe. She’s that one friend who is always trying to do good in the world and often times doesn’t have time for calamity. She’s strong, stands in her truth and wants nothing but the best for everyone and everything. She gives me Gemini vibes all day!

Okoye- played by Danai Gurira: strong, brave, resilient, loyal to a fault: Okoye is the definition of strength. Her undeniable bravery and skill helps her in many situations. Her loyalty is deep rooted and can sometimes be blindsided by truth. Okoye possesses a power like no other. She is that friend who will move mountains for you but will also stop someone else from getting near your mountain. She gives me Virgo vibes.

Shuri- played by Letitia Wright: charismatic, funny, intelligent, loving: Princess Shuri is definitely a breath of fresh air. Her charming, funny and lovable personality makes her the light of the tribe. She’s brilliant and uses her intelligence for good. She’s the friend who is loving, friendly but also able to take the flaws of others in the world and brush them right on off. She’s that friend that you can’t go without. She’s the needed positivity and her charisma lights up your world. She definitely gives me Leo vibes.

Ramonda- played by Angela Bassett: protector, nurturer, forceful: Ramonda is strong but gentle. She’s forceful but afraid. Her strength and power rests on the shoulders of those she loves most which gives her a beautiful weakness. Ramonda is the mother figure of your tribe. She’s the one who will orchestrate the gatherings just to sit back and watch. She’s the friend who will always ride for you. She definitely gives me Cancer vibes. I see a little of Ramonda amongst all of my tribe.

Again, all of this BlackGirlMagic is just giving me life. What yo tribe looking like tho? #TheBlackPanther

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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